Jan 23, 2013

2012: Pain, Misery, and Absolute JOY

A pretty little check came in the mail today. Thank heavens. I don't have to be scraping by pay check to pay check again. Pel Grants save me so much. I have to say though, I love not having any debt. I haven't had any debt in a very long time and it feels SO GOOD.

Last year was NOT an easy one. I had so many issues. Between the massive debt (not too bad but enough that I was not in a good place with myself... I never want to be there again), family fights, boy troubles, and really hard classes it was not a year that I would like to really remember all the details.

However. The best and most important things happened to me in 2012. I grew so much as a person. I learned so much about myself. My relationship with my Father in Heaven has never been so good. And to top it all off, Chad.

I learned he was to come home a year early from his mission because he had a back injury. Of course I wasn't happy that he was hurt or that he had to come back early but I knew that he was supposed to be here. I was excited to be able to talk with him again. To see him. To fully love him. And guess what? I got all of that and MUCH more. I was able to go out to New York to visit him and meet his wonderful and amazing family over the Thanksgiving break. My birthday was spent out there too. He then came back to Provo in December to come back to school and be with me.

The best part about the year 2012 was that I got to be with the love of my life. He will never leave me. He isn't going anywhere. I am not going anywhere. If I were to go anywhere... I would make him come with me. If he were to go anywhere... I would follow him like a sheep follows the shepherd (bad analogy? Very diligently would I follow). He came to Provo and the next place we will live in our lives outside of here will be where the Lord wants us to go. Chad is the best thing to ever happen in my life. I love him and he loves me. I am happy that I can now officially say that he isn't just that boyfriend in Hamburg, NY. I can now say that he is my fiance but I can't wait to call him my husband.

Only a few more months and we will be sealed. 5.7.13 It has a special ring to it now doesn't it?