Dec 21, 2007

December News

Wow. I haven't posted for a really long time. I didn't really think that it had been that long. There is one good thing about that though, I have quite a bit to tell you.

So I guess the first thing would be to tell about my birthday. I turned 16 on November 24. I had a small party. It was loads of fun. A week after was my friend Stacey's 16 birthday.

My school choir puts on a concert called the Holiday Dinner. It goes on for three days but has four performances. One on Thursday, Friday and then two on Saturday, one was a matinee and the other was a night performance like the other nights. It was on December 6, 7, and 8. The Tuesday before, December 4, was our dress rehearsal. It was a disaster. It's pretty much set in stone that if you have a bad dress rehearsal you have a good performance. That is what happened for us. Thursday came and Mr. Lunt was worried along with the rest of us. We did really really good for an opening night. As the performances went on they kept getting better and better. Saturday came and I was really sad because I didn't want it to end. It was my first and most likely my last Holiday Dinner. I had never been to one before this so it was an amazing experience. I was a dancer in one of the numbers for A Capella. They are mostly Juniors. (Most of my friends are Juniors.) The song was called Veni, Veni or O Come, O Come Emanuel. There were five of us in the dance. Me, Jocelyn Waite, Elise Williams, Ali Gordan, and Whitney Dixion. I was the only Sophmore, and Jocelyn was the only Jr. The others were Seniors. Elise choreographed it. Before every show we would say a prayer as a group. We didn't have time to say one on the matinee so we just said one of our own. We did really really good. But that night was even better. Elise asked me to say the prayer before. I pretty much just said that we were so thankful for the opportunity to be dancing and to have had Elise take the time to choreograph it. I then asked if we could get the message that we were trying to tell people across. The message was simply this. Heavenly Father doesn't really send angels from heaven to help us through our trials. He usually just has people that we come in contact with help. He sends revalation to our parents, our bishop ect. to help us get through it. That's what we wanted to say. When I was done we were all crying. We didn't want it to be the last time that we perfromed it. (It wasn't by the way we did it for the school on the 19.) We then went out and did the best we could do. It was the best one ever. When we finished dancing and went of stage we were expecting the audience to clap right when the music stopped. But there was just silence and darkness as A Capella started to exit the stage and the lights dimmed. We were all crying backstage as we knew that the message had been felt. When the audience doesn't clap, wow that is just an amazing compliment. Mr. Lunt was in awe when it happened. The last two songs were just so hard to get through. They were songs with the manger scene. We used a real baby too so it made it even more spiritual. There wasn't a dry eye in the entire choir. I wasn't really paying attention to the audience so I wasn't sure if they were crying.

The eighth was over all just an amazing day. I learned that the guy I liked, his name is Tyler Nicosia, liked me too. I'm not so sure right now. I am just really confused.

I went on my first date with Tyler on December 15. It was a girls choice dance. It was semi formal. My dress was kind of a baby blue. It was a way fun date.

That pretty much is it. Crazy huh?

Well have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!