Nov 3, 2007

Nov 1, 2007

Updates for yesterday and today

Halloween was a bust! I couldn't find a costume to wear that night or at school. So I had absolutely no fun. Gillian had to get surgery. She got her Gaul Bladder talken out. I had to man the door and take care of Ammon at the same time. My friends came over to trick-or-treat. It was a horrible night.
Today I had to go to the dentist's and get my cavities filled. Half of my face was numb. When I got back to school, it was third period. I had German (it's an A-day) and all of my friends in the class were making fun of me. They kept making me laugh and smile when I couldn't really show emotion on that side of my face. Samae said that I looked funny. Yeah well that really helped. I started to laugh way hard. It took me about five minutes to stop.
My dance studio is putting on The Nutcracker. I saw the costumes today. I was going to be in it but because of my feet I had to quit. I had a really good part too. I saw the dances that my friends are in.They are amazing! The costumes for the show are way adorable. I wish I could be in it let alone go to it. I have a concert that night but Nesha my dance director said that they were going to record it and make it a dvd. Today was a pretty good day over all.