Nov 16, 2012

Perfection in our eyes

I have been thinking a lot about what married life will be like for me. I never thought that I would have a wonderful man like Chad. I never thought I would find "perfect", and honestly, I would still feel that way about a marriage if it didn't work out. That is until I read a wonderful post by my friend Elsha Rae. She posted about how someone thought that she tried to seem perfect when she wasn't.

How hurtful. Elsha is a person. I loved reading her post today in regards to that comment. She took it and made people see what "perfect" meant to her. That is the perfect I know I have found. Here is a little of what she says in her blog:

...That is what is perfect to me. Perfect is making a dinner for two, burning it to pieces and ending up getting Chinese take out. Perfect is sometimes having a messy house because of the hard work and the hustle and bustle of it all... Perfect is having an argument and realizing buried beneath the squirmy tummy and flushed cheeks that you can be naive and wrong, and then laughing about it... And falling in love is beyond perfect.

...Perfection is in so many things that are not noticed... Everyone always says "Its about the little things." I could not agree with that more. 

So a million thanks to Elsha. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for having fun. Thank you for caring enough to say what perfect meant for you, because soon, I will have that perfect. 

I strongly suggest you read the blog post I took excerpts out from. She wrote it all so well and came from a very loving place.

Nov 11, 2012

Updates and CAW info

I haven't updated for a long time.


Life is life. School is almost done for the semester. Work is going well. My relationship is amazing and in a mere 10 days (!!) I get to see him and meet his parents. What a lucky girl I am!

I have a test this week. Do I feel ready? haha nope. I need to do some more studying and hope for the best. Wish me luck!

I have decided to be done with my Folk Dancing career at the end of this semester. Christmas Around the World is my last hurrah as a folk dancer! I will be moving on in my major by doing other genres.

Speaking of Christmas Around the World, for the first time ever, it will be in the ROUND!! All of the seats in the Marriott Center will be open. All the way around the stage. I am in three numbers. A Russian and Serbian number with my team and then I am tapping as a special guest in a BRAND SPANKIN NEW percussion piece. In this piece there are six different types of footwork. Tap, American Clogging, Irish, French Canadian, Welsh Clogging, and English Clogging. Wooden shoes will be worn and all that jazz. This is going to be awesome. They are all going to be SAWEET! Also, to sweeten the deal.... We have a lot of special guests this year. One of them being the Utah Aerialists! That is right, we have aerialists in our show! I open the show with the girls on my team.

You can get tickets three ways: The HFAC ticket office, the Marriott Center ticket office, and online at! If you use the code Dance112 it gives me credit as to who sold the tickets and if you use the code CHRISTMAS2012 (You can redeem it online at this site: or tell the ticket office about it) for a $2 discount off of tickets!

I would love you all to come. The dates are November 30-December 1. There are two night shows at 7:30p and on the 1st there is a mat. performance at 2:00p. Please come! It will not be a performance you will want to miss!