Oct 17, 2008


I just want to say how freaking bored I have been lately... oh and if anyone has a great and cheap couples (it has to be matching) halloween costume idea or one i could have for me and my date to use... TELL ME ASAP!!! The dance is saturday and I don't know what to be!!!

Oct 7, 2008


Have I said lately how much I absolutely love to dance? Honestly I am so sick of my stupid shoe (I haven't had the big clunky boot since the 29th of Sept.)! I can't wait to get it off so I can start full out doing Ballet, and Jazz, and Tap... especially Tap! My left tap shoe is in need of some serious TLC (Tender Loving Care... just incase you didn't get that... haha)!!!
Honestly I am so frustrated with the whole broken bone situation that I am currently in! I was in almost the exact same state last year!! Well actually that was a longer healing process but I was dancing, very limited mind you, in two weeks!! ew... stitches, now those things hurt to get taken out, especially when your skin starts to grow OVER them... yeah that sucked.
Oh well, I am able to do quite a bit of dancing in my little mini shoe.
Frustration is now gone. I had to get that out.