Apr 24, 2012

SPAC Tour: Day 1- A Tad Rusty Don't You Think?

SPAC started our tour today and how much fun I had! I may be a little sore and pretty tired but overall I had a lot of fun. The people I am around make all the difference. 

We had three shows today. They were all in different schools too so we were traveling around quite a bit. We went to East Sandy, Midvalley, and Early Light Academy today. For me the best show was the one in MIdvalley. I felt like the kids really responded well and we were all so pumped up and ready to go that the energy was really high. 

There were some really funny moments today. I got a video on Craig's phone of the boys in my van singing Son's of Provo today. Wow. Who knew right? They knew like all of the words and were just having a blast! I am so happy that it was recorded. Another one was during our break in between Midvalley and Early Light Academy (ELA). We had gone to Jason Allen's home for lunch because he lived about one minute from MIdvalley. He had gone to that elementary school so his family was right around the corner. While we were there we had a game of missionary tag going and Craig picked up Lauren Askew (LA) in a cradle hold. While he was holding her like that Brodie Fish came plowing into them. I was taking pictures. I got right before, and right after. It was great!! I wish I had gotten it on video though. That would have been better. At the first show there was a pretty good moment with Dallin Neilson. After the seven couple guys did their dance from Austria (I can't spell it and I won't even try... haha it would be bad so we will leave it at that) they all bowed, except for Dallin. He then realized that he needed to bow and did so. When he bowed, everyone else came up so then it was just him bowing. It was funny to see it all go down especially since we had not done any of the dances for a week and a half. We were pretty rusty.

The day ended with me going with Craig to fill up the van we had been in (he drove and I was his navigator) with gas and clean it all out. He dropped me off at the RB to go into the training room with a few other members of SPAC. I had called Richie (the assistant trainer) about a half an hour out from Provo to let him know that I had some people (including myself) that wanted to use rather him or the whirlpool. So we went in. I sat in the ice cold water of the whirlpool for a bit and then went and got my toenail taken off. It had cracked at the base and needed to be ripped off. It would have gotten worse and would not have been pretty at all if I hadn't taken care of it. I grabbed some bags of ice to ice my calves and I will use them on my back tomorrow if I need to, which I probably will.

And so ended the first day of SPAC tour. I have been kind of a bum the rest of the night. I iced here while watching Make It or Break It as well as made dinner. Other than that I haven't done much of anything. It has been great. I would keep writing about some random stuff, maybe about how finals went (ew we won't go there at all, ever) or how everyone is getting engaged (pronounce en-gage-ed, ed being separate like blessed or learned in some hymns and/or scriptures) and/or married but I am tuckered out and am really wanting to go to bed. So until tomorrow,

Good night world.

Apr 7, 2012

Thankful for a dead bolt

This weekend was fun up until about 6:30pm.

I had my auditions for PAC today and those were a blast! You can read all about it here. After the auditions I crashed. I fell asleep at about 2:30. Jasmine was home with me when I went to sleep. I heard when our other roommate Lauren came home. I don't know what time it was exactly when she was home but when I woke up at 6:30 I was all alone... and have been since. I will be home alone for the rest of the weekend too. I took a shower and have been just relaxing but I am so bored. Can you tell? I have made three blog posts. I am about to start an email to Chad and I am all alone.... great. Good thing we have a dead bolt on our door right?