Apr 18, 2014

A Bit of an Update

The last two weeks have been busy for us and the next one will be just as insane.  Classes are over for the semester and today is the first day of finals. Unfortunately for Chad he has to take one every day. He has worked hard this semester and I am so proud of him.

Chad actually decided to change his minor from Physics Teaching to English Teaching this semester. It was a hard decision to make but it is a good one and, lucky for us, it doesn't change his graduation date! YAHOO! Between the two of us our choices for school and our desires have been kind of insane. Things like this always come up during the winter semester it seems. 

About two weeks ago I wrote a post about Kathrynne and some worries we were having about her kidneys. Well, good news is that she is fine. Everything leveled out and her kidneys look fine. The specialist was a jerk and I have never been treated so rudely by a doctor. That's saying something too considering I have been around doctors my whole life. Honestly, he is the type of doctors that we will be having due to the "Affordable" Care Act. It is just leaving so many people with nothing to do.

I am now 31 weeks along and showing a lot. I am small for how far a long I am, which kind of surprises me honestly. I am such a small person and don't really have room for a baby to grow but as I was reading about pregnancy things the other day on my What to Expect phone app (from the author of the book) it said that belly size really doesn't have much to do with how big the baby is. It is more about the build, size, and musculature of the mother. I guess all of those years of dance training and conditioning has paid off. ;) It also said some things about stretch marks. I must have high elasticity in my skin because I haven't had any stretch marks show up yet. Yay! I can't really complain much. My belly button is starting to pop out a bit, but not it will never pop through and become an outie belly button. My navel is extremely deep so it just looks a bit deformed and not as circular, but more oblong, as it has started to become pushed out by the baby. We are coming up on two months left! (She is due in two months tomorrow, but next Thursday makes for only 8 weeks left.) 

I have realized I am not the best blogger in the world but I am going to try and be better at that. 

From our last ultrasound on April 9, 2014

Apr 6, 2014

Updated Life List

I have updated the life list I posted last summer. I switched a few things and was able to say that I am in the process of some of them as well as cross off at least one.
  1. Visit Scotland and Ireland in one trip
  2. Learn to swim and love it (Working on it...)
  3. Own a house
  4. Get Married in the temple of the Lord
  5. Have Children (JUNE!!)
  6. Pay for someone's groceries 
  7. Do the 12 days of Christmas for a family at least once
  8. Grow my hair out to the middle of my back
  9. Learn to play the Guitar
  10. Learn to play the piano
  11. Fill up a whole journal- hand written
  12. Build a home with a wrap around porch with land (I don't want to see my neighbors bathroom)
  13. Be a great cook/baker
  14. Win a chili cook off or pie contest
  15. Learn to make the best sugar cookies ever
  16. Learn to sew really well
  17. Ride horses with my husband (and not have him freak out)
  18. Own a horse or two
  19. Have a wonderful relationship with my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ (continually working on it)
  20. Throw a huge, successful surprise party
  21. Host a favorite things party
  22. Go to Hawaii and see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona
  23. See a broadway show
  24. Go to a Sara Bareilles concert
  25. Go to the rodeo with my husband
  26. Watch my Children get married
  27. Visit Barcelona, Budapest, and Sienna in another trip
  28. Visit every temple in the United States, because come on, every temple in the world?
  29. Get kissed at midnight on New Years Eve (midnight)
  30. Meet Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith. Oh! And Emma Thompson
  31. Have a mistletoe kiss
  32. Own a nikon/cannon... Well a good DSLR in general
  33. Learn how to drive a stick
  34. Read Harry Potter to my children
  35. See Cirque Du Solei
  36. Have awesome in-laws
  37. Be endowed
  38. Become crafty and have a super cute decorated home
  39. See all National Parks in Utah (I have seen none)
  40. Go to the Sacred Grove
  41. Go to Niagra Falls
  42. Be a good mother
  43. Make a great Thanksgiving meal
  44. Make homemade pie crust and have it turn out well
  45. Make homemade pizza
  46. Tap with Nigel Lythgoe and Savion glover (I sort have done that.. I will be counting it)
  47. Continue to dance through my life just because I love it
  48. Try a cannoli (It wasn't as good as I thought... too thick of filling, like frosting, for me)
  49. Stop being scared of needles (almost there!!! Drawing blood isn't bad, but shots are a different story haha)
  50. Create a painting from paint in water balloons, like The Princess Diary's 

Chad's Birthday

It is this handsome man's birthday today! I am so happy that I was able to find him and that he has become my better half. I am so glad he was born so I could be eternally happy with him.

I love you Chad. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Here is to many many years together.

Apr 1, 2014

Baby Kathrynne's Progress

Last week Chad and I went to my 28 week appointment. I asked something about if we would be doing ultrasounds from this point on. He looked at my last imaging results and we talked about something totally new to us. We found out that Baby K has a slightly smaller right kidney. Dr. Pace went on to tell us that it isn't anything super significant in size but we will be checking it out in another ultrasound to make sure the growth is up to par to the left side.

Today was that day.

I was feeling pretty good about it. I was sure that she would have caught up by then. She was measuring two days later than my due date in our first ultrasound and now she is right with me at 28 weeks 5 days. She was not however up to date with her kidneys. Her right kidney is still smaller than her left. It is not very significant but still a problem.

At our doctors appointment it was explained to us that the smaller kidney was not a huge thing to be worried about at this point, however if it continues to be small for the rest of the pregnancy and after delivery it could pose possible future problems like kidney failure of the small kidney.

I was not so prepared to have her kidney still be smaller today. What mother ever wants to have that in the back of her mind? Who wants to have that on their shoulders knowing that one day I may need to make that decision with her and my husband to get a new kidney? That is just not something I have been prepared for.

We just hope that the Lord watches over her and that we will have more peace of mind to prepare for it if anything does happen.

In other news, she is doing well. Her heart rate is going strong and she loves to move around inside. She actually brought her feet up to her face and started playing with her toes. It was super cute to see her play around. I can't wait for her to be here so we can play together.