Jan 28, 2012

Happy times are here again

I went on a date last night.

I had an absolute blast. We went to JCW's for dinner, went rock climbing at the Quarry, then watched the movie Rio. Good food, good activities, and good company all come together for a good Friday night. I found out a few things about myself on this date as well.

Yes, it is as scary as it looks. The Quarry in Provo.

  1. I love the Hawaiian Hamburger at JCW's. So good! Who would have thought to put grilled pineapple rings and grilled ham on a hamburger? Well, whoever it was is good in my book. I know it is a little weird that I got it in the first place but it sounded good. I didn't know what was going to be on it but I was hungry and when I bit into it, it was nice to have a sweet and juicy flavor with the zesty and hearty flavor of the ham and hamburger. I definitely recommend it if you ever go eat there.
  2. I am horrible rock climber. Ask my date Craig Call. He would say other wise to be nice (that being his personality), but I know that I am horrible because I got so tired extremely fast. I got a little over half way up the wall (not too shabby right?) on every course we did. I would have kept going on the last course we took but my size kind of lacks in the big department lending to the hindering of continuing on. Craig is very tall. He has both long arms and legs making any course a piece of cake in reality. For me being small in the department of arm and leg length could not get any higher on the last course. I would have kept going but I didn't trust myself to leap to the next hand hold since it was only my first time rock climbing ever. 
  3. I am happy. I am actually truly happy for more than one day at a time now. It has been a while since I have felt that. I got that comment from both Craig and a long lost friend of mine that my date and I ran into -Sydney Bowen. Man it has been son long since I had seen her let alone talked to her. We got talking about what we were both up to with school and I found out that she is now at UVU and is involved in their Culinary Arts program. I have seen a lot of pictures of cupcakes that she has made and can see why she would fit into the Culinary Arts program. She is fantastic at them. I would love to try some of them. I would like to go and visit her sometime soon. Catch up. Even though we live completely different lives and live different life styles from the other, I still think about her a lot. She asked me about my life and said that she had looked through my pictures on Facebook just recently. The comment that she made about them was that I looked completely happy. Which when she said that, it dawned on me. Yes, I am very happy. Life is going well. Things are falling in place. I feel close to the Lord, secure in my job, loving my school work as well as being on top of my homework, and am going in the right field of study. I am actually truly happy. Craig made the same comment a number of times on the date. He kept saying, "You look so happy, which makes me happy."
Isn't  it weird how one date can teach you so much?

Happy Sabbath everyone! Hope this post finds you as happy as I am.

Jan 21, 2012

Weddings and School

Today I went dress shopping with my two friends Katelyn and Michelle. Katelyn is getting married on May 26, 2012 and Michelle and I are her bridesmaids so we went with her to look at dresses today.

We went to three places today; Alysse's Bridal, David's Bridal, and Sweetheart Bridal. She didn't really find anything at David's Bridal and I figured she wouldn't. She found two dresses at Alysse's Bridal and two at Sweetheart Bridal. She actually looked in the mirror for one of the dresses from Sweetheart Bridal and flat out said, "Wow. Wow, I look great."

I think she will get that dress or the last one she tried on at Alysse's Bridal. Both of them have a rouged bodice with lace and beading that fit her in a modified mermaid styled (meaning it doesn't go as low, only to about mid-upper thigh).

She looked so happy in those dresses. I wish I could find a picture of them to put on here but I cannot find any of them. :(

All in all it has been a great weekend so far. Last night I was with them as well and we watched a movie and snacked on a butt load of random food that we had. We also looked at wedding stuff. I am excited to be able to help her with her wedding. I love Katelyn and Michelle! I am happy that I have made such good friends this year. I needed this a lot.

In other news, SPAC is going so great! I am in a lift part for Hopak as well as doing a little turning trio. I am excited! It is going to be such a great number. We got our semester and tour assignments yesterday and I am very pleased to say that I get a taste of what I want to do for the rest of my life this semester... I am the trainer for SPAC! My friend Lauren Spurgen and I both got the honor of being the trainers for SPAC this year; meaning we get to hand out ice, rub out tight calves, give them medicine, and do the taping jobs if anyone needs any of that stuff. I am so happy about that.

School is going well. I am on top of things and finding out that I have a lot more free time to do what ever I please as I stay on track with my classes. I am ahead in my New Testament class, on track for STATS, and all I need to do is get tickets for two dance shows for my dance classes. I taught my first choreographed Ukrainian dance yesterday and it went really well. I got a lot of pointers. The cool thing too is that I noticed the same things that she did as we filmed it and actually saw it being done. I am enjoying my semester a lot so far. I am not as stressed as I was and I am finally feeling happy, truly happy for more than one day at a time.

Now all I need to do is find a good place to live for next year. :)

Jan 13, 2012

Annoyance and Excitement.

I don't think that my Achilles Tendon is very happy with me.

Ever since I performed up in Kingsburry Hall at the beginning of November it has been killing me. I have had it taken care of so many times it is ridiculous. I am so annoyed that I am always in so much pain. It just bugs me.

I am currently taped up and I have an appointment to go back in to the trainer on Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday of next week. Yippee.

On a brighter note, SPAC has almost finished Hopak! We are so close to being done. I love it so much. We started our clogging number today as well. It has some hip-hop in it. I must say, I have swagger! Who would have known? Mark April 4th on your calenders alright? That is my show! And as far as I know.... It is.... FREE!! free..... the magic word. It is going to be amazing.

Hope everyone has had such a great week! Enjoy the three day weekend! I know I am going to.

Jan 5, 2012

Let the year begin right

Winter Semester has begun and it is super fantastic already.

SPAC started off with a bang and I am very sore. It didn't really matter how active I had been during the break because I was still very out of it at the end of the rehearsal. Yesterday was a full day of classes and some work. Today was a full day of work and classes. I thoroughly enjoyed today. Here is what my schedule is like for classes not including work: Mondays: SPAC, Dance and Technology, TA for beginning World Dance, Clogging, and then STATS. Tuesdays: World Dance Composition, New Testament, and STATS lab Wednesdays: Just like Monday. Thursdays: Wold Dance Composition, New Testament, and Dance Productions. Fridays: SPAC, Wold Dance Composition, Clogging, and STATS. It is such a great schedule and it makes up fourteen credits. I am excited to see what awaits me this year. My goal is to do well enough to possibly get on the deans list, which seems very impossible, but I am wanting to try and refocus on school this year. I need to since my plan is to go to Physical Therapy school after I graduate with a BFA in Dance Performance and a minor in Nutrition. I would like to do well this semester. Well, I am off to bed now. Waking up for seven am class (SPAC) is going to be interesting. Goodnight world! Until tomorrow.