Apr 25, 2010


So last night was my Senior Prom and I had so much fun! I went with Spencer Ericksen and we had a blast! I borrowed my friend Kari Turner's dress and my other friend Katie Ryan's heels. Even with 3" heels Spencer was still taller than me by a lot!! We went to Carabas. It is an Italian Grill in the Universty Mall Parking lot. I love that place so much. I went there last year as well for Prom. The dance was held at Noah's in Lindon. It was so freaking far a way but we had fun there. Last years Prom was fun but this years was a complete BLAST! I had the best looking date and he is the sweetest! Here are a couple of pictures from prom that My friends and I took.
Girls have a certain affect on boys... this is one of them. haha
This one is cute. It is just outside of Noah's. The glasses are not real. I love them on him though! They are so much fun! I steal them from him all of the time.

This one explains so much.

The two of us just oustide of Carabas waiting to be seated for dinner.
Prom was just a blast. It was the only boy's choice dance I went to my whole Senior year and I am glad that I was able to go with Spencer. I will put the pictures we had taken at the pond later when I get them.