Sep 29, 2007


Well I was reading Nancy and Lance's blog today and I read this post called Tag. I ended up getting tagged.

Four Jobs I've had:
1. Babysitting neighbor kids
2. Taking care of Ammon
3. um well since I'm only 15 years old...

Four places I've lived:
1. Elk Ridge, Utah (currently)
2. Spanish Fork, Utah
3. Benjamin, Utah
4.Walton, Indiana (The big yellow house!)

Four favorite T.V. shows:
1. Avitar heehee I get bored... very easily...
2. America's Next Top Model
3. Hannah Montana
4. Kyle XY

Four favorite foods:
1. Enchiladas
2. Pizza
3. Anything breakfast (minus bacon)
4. Gum... it keeps me sane and my fingernails don't suffer when I have it.

Four Websites I Visit:
4. heehee yeah I know I rock

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Asleep
2. In Premier (my choir class)
3. Europe
4. Hanging out with my friends

Four Movies I Love:
1. Pride and Prejudice
2.Step up
3. Happy
4. Cars

Four People I Tag:
1. Zac
2. Gillian
3. Kari
4. Anyone reading this

Sep 27, 2007


I had to get surgery this last Thursday(Sept. 20, 07) so that's the main reason why I haven't done any posts lately.
I had a concert Tuesday but of course because of my surgery I couldn't be in it. I just had to be in the audience. It was a pretty good concert. It was the community variety show so it had the school choirs and then other people from the community performing.
My feet look pretty nasty. I look like a duck when I walk. That was actually the first thing that my mom said to me when I came out of the general anesthesia. Anyways well it's getting late so I'll be going. Love ya tons!