Dec 7, 2008

Temple Square

For choir we just went up to Temple Square. I have never been able to sing up there because I have never been old enough. Here is the story:
So earlier that day we went to Mt. Nebo Jr. High School to sing and to introduce the choir at the high school. It was an okay performance. We definitely gave Mr. Bills a scare on the first performance and the second performance was quite a bit better. After that gig we went back to school and went to our third and fourth periods. I had a play practice for Little Women till four o'clock. The only problem was that we had to be at the school ready to get on the buses to go up to Temple Square at four. Knowing that earlier I brought everything that I needed to school.
Four came around and we had a couple minutes to talk with Mr. Bills. One problem though, something had happened with the bus scheduling. It had been taken off of the list. We don't know how but it did. We had to REschedule buses and find two bus drivers to drive us up to Salt Lake. We were supposed to be on the buses on our way to Salt Lake at 4:15 pm but we didn't get on them until 4:45 pm.
We had to be under the Assembly Hall at 5:45 pm. There was obviously no way that we could be there to practice before we got on. We would just have to get there and get on and perform our 40 min. show. We would have made it on time if it hadn't been for terrible terrible traffic. There had been an accident on I-15 south bound and north bound. It took us forever to get to the Assembly Hall. We ran off of the buses and into the hall immediately. Instead of doing our full 40 min. show we could only do a 15 min. show.
Our songs included Sing We Now Of Christmas, Lux (I don't know the whole tittle), and The First Noel. We did amazing!!! The best by far that we had ever sang any song ever! Colton Simons, Sarah Clark, and Ginelle Jack all play the piano amazing! Colton plays the organ also. On The First Noel, Sarah and Ginelle played a duet on a Steinway piano! Most beautiful piano I have ever seen in my life. The two of them played piano while Colton played the organ. He comes in later on in the song. When we got to the part where he comes in you could just feel the room rumble. It was the most beautiful experience in my life. Many kids in the choir along with me were on the verge of tears. It was so spiritual.
After Concert Choir performed Singers went and got changed to perform in the south visitors center. It was a very good performance. I was looking out at the Temple during Away In The Manger. It was just beautiful!
The bus ride home was so much fun. I was laughing my head off the whole time. I am so happy that I am going back up there on the 15th but this time all day long. I loved this experience and I am so very grateful for it.