Jan 26, 2008

Stessed out to the max!!!

Its been a long time since I last posted. I think that it's time to do another one don't ya think?

I haven't been to dance at all this last week! I called Larissa Salcido to get a ride to dance on Tuesday. I was in the commons for ever waiting for her. She had forgotten me. She told me that she was sorry. I am kind of mad that she didn't call me and tell me about it but its fine. Mom and Dad went to the temple on Wednesday so I missed Tap, for the millionth time! Nesha is was ticked at me! It's not my fault that I haven't been able to get there. I am sixteen and all but I still have to take range and road. I need to get a car too to top it all off. Thursday I couldn't get a ride either. Today I had a practice for the fireside program. It is a really cool contemporary piece.

I went on a date on the 19th. We went to Colton Simons house and we all made pizza. It was really good. We also started watching Stardust but we didn't get to finish it. I only saw up to when he puts her on the chain and around the tree. That's all that I have seen. I want so see the rest of it.

The Hollywood Blast is going to be on in February. It starts on the 20th and goes on for a couple of days. The songs are so different but its going to be so much fun. I am singing my solo Listen for the show. I got asked to be in the song,"I want to send my lifetime loving you" from Zoro. I am dancing with a boy named Austin Andrus. The girl who asked me to do it is also dancing in it too. Her name is Elise Williams, and she is dancing with Gabe Lee.

My grades were pretty good this last term. 1st term was good too. I had all A's but one B+. 2nd term was pretty much the same but even better! I had all A's but with one A-. I was very sad about that because I worked so hard to get those grades.

Well that pretty much is all of the news lately. More is going to happen though. We have the Seasons Of Service benifit concert on Thursday and I'm excited. I'll tell all about it after it happens.