Nov 30, 2013

Protection for the 11 week old fetus for life

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This holiday has been nice to not do anything at all (related to school). We have been able to just relax and Chill out.

Baby this week:
11 weeks old
Size of a large plum (2.5 in, .5 oz)
Digestive system is starting to work better and stronger
Making plenty of white blood cells

Me this week:
Stomach is starting to pouch out
Haven't had an easy week.... Feeling a lot more queasy than usual, but no throwing up still
Having a hard time swallowing certain things, like pills for example

In other news, I started watching Bones on Netflix this break. I have seen at least two episodes so far that have to do with young children rather being killed or kidnapped. I have experienced my greatest fear so far...

I will protect my children with my life until the moment I die. I cannot think of anything worse than having my children experience the kind of pain that some do in this world. Obviously pain is not going to evade them completely. They will have their heart broken, have wounds that a kiss from mom or dad will fix, heck probably even some surgery. However, I will always protect them from the unnecessary hurts and pains of the world. 

Nov 21, 2013

Week 10

Baby this week:
Size of a lime (2 in, .3 lbs)
Growing hair follicles, fingernails and maybe ovaries if it is a girl
Ears are almost all in shape
No more froglike webbed hands and feet! All fingers and toes

Me this week:
Still feeling great
Feeling old since I will be 22 on Sunday

Nov 14, 2013

June 19

Grand news from our family to you! Chad and I are expecting! I am due June 19, 2014! I am 9 weeks along, as of today, and so far I haven't been too sick. Hopefully it stays that way.

I have good genetics on my side though... right? My mother wasn't very sick with any of us, and I have two sisters who were like that too. Unfortunately, I have two sisters that were sick all nine months for each of their children. Aside from that it has been every other sister, good pregnancy, bad, good, bad.... then me! So that means good vibes right?

I haven't thrown up yet which is fantastic, but I have had some queasiness and have missed a few classes or work just a bit. Chad is so excited to be a Dad and he will be a wonderful one too.

Baby this week:
9 weeks
1.5 inches long (size of a Prune)
Heart might be able to be heard with Doppler

Mommy this week:
Doctors appointment to take all the prenatal tests
I pee all the time so I don't sleep
Headaches are common
Pelvis/Tail bone hurts all the time
Nose like a hound dog 
Food Aversions: Sweets like cookies and chocolate or peanut butter... mostly Recess Peanut Butter Cups
Food Cravings: Fresh Food! Meat aka steak, Sandwiches of any kind, fruit and veggies (apples and broccoli mostly)

Here is to a wonderful week of the last signs of Autumn (most likely)! I welcome the snow.