Feb 25, 2013

Keep Pushing Forward?

This semester is hard. I am actually supposed to be writing a paper for my Seminar in Dance class right now but I just needed to clear my head. So in result, here I am writing a blog post.

Wedding planning is going great. I don't seem nearly as stressed with that as a lot of my other friends are. I am just doing bit by bit. If you haven't heard the colors for the wedding, they are Grey, Yellow, and a splash of Navy Blue. Here are the color swatches from Behr Paint that I have chosen:
Peaceful Night (590F-7)
Neon Light (580B-5)
Wild Sage (700F-6)

School is stressing me out however. I have never had to write so much in my life. I did not think that this semester was going to be as crazy as it is right now. This semester has been filled of paper after paper after paper. I have been loosing things left and right including and not limiting it to... My brand new purse with EVERYTHING inside it; my grey peacoat with my keys, iPod charger, and headphones; my new ID card; oh and my iPod. Yeah. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I cannot slow down to make sure that I have this or that and am grabbing everything because if I do, I will be getting even more behind in school work than I already am. I need a blessing I think. I would actually really apreciate your prayers that I will keep going and not give up. If I keep with school I will be completely done in Fall 2014 (Going straight -Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Spring 2014, Summer 2014, and Fall 2014). I need to finish. I can't give up but I could sure use some extra motivation.

My body has been having little minor problems here and there but over all I haven't had any injuries. The only real problem that I have had has been very tight arches in Ballet. It has been hard but I deal with it. Today was pretty bad but I have some really great days.

Chad has been a great force of motivation for me. He keeps telling me that I can do it. He has been helping me write a thesis for this paper and that and has been letting me just relax when I cannot handle it anymore and am getting overwhelmed. He is such a rock for me and I really need that. I appreciate it so very much.

Okay. Well I had probably go and write this darn paper. Here is to pushing forward.

Feb 7, 2013

The big purchases...

So we have some exciting news....

This girl has a dress! AND!! We just got our photographer officially! YAY! Wedding planning is going swell!

Hope everyone is loving life right now!