May 9, 2009

All About Tour

I am really bad at this. I never have anything to say because not much happens in my life. I am only in high school and I don't have much really going on.... I just never know what to say and I don't have a whole lot of time to do this but here I am, getting things updated.....

Tour was so great!! I didn't have a camera so the pictures are all from my friends. I love Seattle so much! We did so well at competition too! Concert Choir got a Silver rating and Second Place in our devision. Singers got a Gold rating and First Place in our division. We also got an invitation to go to any of the Heritage festivals from now on because we are now a gold member (Gold Rating... 1st year program?? OH YEAH!!) So because we got an invitation we can go on tour no matter what the district says! NEW YORK NEXT YEAR!! Oh gosh I am so excited!

The first day was crazy on Tour because we met at the school at midnight.... we didn't leave until one-thirty though. He said to meet at twelve because then if we forgot something or if we were just running late we could have that extra hour and a half to be completely ready. We rehursed our songs while we were waiting for the bus to arrive. When it arrived we put luggage on and got settled down. After that we headed to Bonneville, Idaho for an exchange with a choir up there. Mr. Bills knows the Choir Director there and it was a great expirence to meet the kids up there. When we were done we went back on the bus and went to Butte, Montana.... we had lunch up there. With lunch over we were officially headed for Washington. We stopped in Spokane for a bathroom break and then Moses Lake for dinner. We arrived in Seattle at about 12:00 am. We were so tired and we knocked out that night.

The second day was filled with touring the area. We went to the shopping area (the mall) and had an hour to ourselves. We just walked around and had fun. After the hour was over we were to meet on the third floor of the mall over by the monorail entrey. We took the Monorail to the Space Needle. I, being freaked by heights, was so scared to go up. I was litterally shaking so bad that you could see my knees knocking together. It was quite funny though because I loved being able to see Seattle from the top of the Space Needle. It was a great expirence. I doubt that I would be scared to go up again. After the Space Needle. We had some time to chill and some kids from Singers started singing.... Mr. Bills heard them singing and had Singers sing to the people around. Jordan Johnson took his hat as a joke and put it behind Mr. Bills. We earned $20! Crazy huh? When the bus got to the area we went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. It was okay but not the best. There is a joke in our choir about fat jokes. The manager at the Rainforest Cafe went to Mr. Bills and said, "When you walked in we saw the size of your kids, so we made five more salads." Wow, that is the worst fat joke ever! We were promised a cookie but we didn't get one so two of our chaperones took the $20 we made at the Space Needle and bought us some cookies!! Yay for cookies!!

The third day was our Festival and we did pretty well, as you read at the top. We went to Tillicome Village for the Awards Ceremony and had.... Ew.... Salmon... I didn't take any Salmon because I hate seafood, everyone said that it wasn't very good anyways so it's okay. That night was so long. We had the whole day to shop after our Festival so we went to Pikes Market. It was way cool! Throwing fish... that whole place that is famous... that was cool, way cool.

The next day was Sunday and we went to church. It was a cool expirience singing for the members in Seattle. I will always remember that feeling of unity that we have in the church, no matter where you are, it is always there. Whether in Branson, Seattle, Utah... it was a really cool expirience. After Church we went to the Music Expirience Museam and learned about the history of Music (mainly Rock and Roll). After that we went to the Seattle Aquarium. I am not goign to say much because it was an aquarium and yeah... let's just say that the Otters are dirty!!! hahaha!!! I can't even explain because it was bad, not like grimy dirty.... I am not even going to try to explain. That was a hard night for me. I wanted to go home so bad because I was sick of the drama that I felt. It wasn't even bad but it just made me want to be home.

The last day was a day of bus. It was pretty boring. I slept a lot. We watched movies and then stopped and then another one. It was a relief when when we saw Salt Lake City. We were so happy to be in Utah and so close to home. We got in Utah at about midnight and I got home at 1:30ish..... I was so dead tired. I had seminary at 7:00am the next morning so it was a pretty hard day at school.

Tour was a really good and fun expirience. I loved Seattle. I can't wait to go back someday.