Sep 25, 2011

An average night

I kind of have an addiction to Facebook and Pintrest. My friend Evan made a bet with me tonight to not get on Facebook for a whole week starting on Monday. I will be doing that. It will be a mess after a whole week of not going on the Book of Face but I say bring it on. I need the $5 and if I am successful in not getting on Facebook for a whole week then I will gain that amount of money from Evan.

Tonight Kayla and I made Junior Mints. They are really good, not hard to make, and filled with so much powder sugar. I got the recipe from The recipe came from They turned out good but they look super weird because we had the hardest time trying to figure out how to actually get them covered in chocolate. 

Here is a horrid picture of them. You wish you had them though. :)

Tomorrow I will be singing at a farewell for my friend Rachel Kimball. It is a beautiful arrangement of How Great Thou Art. It is actually arranged by S. Gordon Jessop... Mom's old band teacher. I will give more info about it when I get back. I hope I can sing though after being sick all week and the AMAZING football game. Cody Hoffman. Thank you for rushing all 93 yards on a kick return to make a touchdown. It was an amazing play. Way to go MVP of the whole game.

So ready for conference by the way. This will be a good week. Excited for a letter in a few days. :)

Sep 18, 2011

Secrets of World of Dance

While the girls of PAC were performing their part of the Slovakian number during World of
Dance, the boys thought that they could do it. Well, that they did. They did it, and pretty well I must say.