Mar 27, 2011

Pictures of current times

Tap!! Me, Emily Kleinkopf, and Kayla Pickett. We are the three freshman on Foot Poetry this year. We choreographed a rockin' awesome trio and were able to perform it for the concert. Crazy!
Do the Uncle Sam! Long story unless you have seen the Ryan Higa video called Best Crew. haha it makes me laugh so hard! This is Tiffany wearing awesome panda hats. She should have bought it.
Stuffed at Olive Garden. Yum.
Me recently. I have been doing my hair down a lot lately. Weird.
Me and some of my favorite girls! Chiloe Alius, Kimberly Mulllen, Emily Kleinkopf, and Kayla Pickett! Foot Poetry was a blast!

No Sleeping = No Bueno

Me and a ward activity that requires me to pull an all nighter do not mix that well.

My ward had an activity this past Friday night. The activity was a Book of Mormon reading marathon. We read the second half of the Book of Mormon. Most of us are taking the second half right now because of the stupid Freshman Bundles that we have had to do this year. It was nice though to go and read the book from Helaman to the end. My group made it! We read it in less than 11 hours.

The activity ended at 6 am Saturday morning. Saturday was full of craziness for me. I am a really deep sleeper and I was afraid that if I went to sleep after the activity that I would miss my rehearsal with Brian for our Scottish piece that our Folk team is doing. So, I didn't go to sleep and just got on the computer and then jumped in the shower. That helped me stay awake a lot better. I went to the rehearsal and for the first ten to fifteen minutes that I was with Brian I was so out of it that I felt like it was not reality. I bet I was quite funny. I tend to get really weird when I am tired. I told Brian this after our rehearsal and he just laughed. He knew before hand that I was dead tired because of the activity so adding the fact that I did not believe that what was happening was real just added to the craziness.

Brian has the dance down really well. Ed (our teacher) wanted me to get with him to practice it because he said that he didn't look like he knew it. The deal is that he just needed to run it with the music a million times. I do too though. Brian was doing a better job at this than I was. I was not getting a certain part all Wednesday or Friday and was struggling with getting the steps right yesterday. It isn't hard to do but I get confused. My muscle memory is tripping me out and making me mad.

I was going to go to the Festival of Colors with Tiffany and Brian, but Tiffany and I were so tired and Brian had a Men's Choir concert at 3 so we didn't end up going. Smart choice. Tiffany and I slept but we both only got four hours of sleep. I don't know why we couldn't sleep longer than that but that is what we had to get us until about 11:30 or so and we were knocked out.

Tiffany, Deanna, Jessica (Tiffany's cousin who we hang out with all the time. Love her!), and I were all really bored come around 5:30 yesterday so we went to Hobby Lobby and got some stuff to be crafty. I got some paints and brushes along with a canvas. I haven't finished the painting but I really like what I have done so far. It is just randomness on the canvas but it's cool. Jessica got a canvas and paints as well. Deanna didn't get anything, and Tiffany.... she got cupcake liners. She ended up making spice cake cupcakes. I haven't tried one yet because they were not done before I left on a date and I didn't want one when I got back. It is fast Sunday today so I won't be having one for a little while longer, but they are just calling my name.

Now to the date. This date was with a guy on my Folk team and he is also in Men's Chorus. If you paid attention, you probably think that I went on another date with Brian, but that is not the case. His name is Jonathan Fox. We went to Trafalga and went mini golfing. I am a TERRIBLE golfer. I totally lost. But on the plus side, I am awesome at Skee Ball and at Mrs. Pac-man. I got a really good score on Mrs. Pac-man and for Skee ball.... well let's just say that I got the ball into the 10,000 point hole. Yeah, that hole right there in the corner that no one gets, I got it into that one! The sad part was that I didn't get any extra tickets to prove it. :( No matter what the score was I only got 5 tickets both times we played. I kicked Jon's but at both of these games. It was fun. I was so tired though that Jon made a comment to me.... "I don't think I have ever seen you this quiet or passive before." I felt pretty bad because I was not really saying much. My mind was thinking about someone else and about how good it would feel to sleep when I got back.

Well that was my day yesterday. It was crazy fun and really busy with little, well pretty much no, sleep at all.

I am going to add some pictures right after this of things that have been going on... I am too lazy to actually format it all after writing this long spiel of a post. So I hope you like the pictures.

Katy out

Mar 19, 2011

Confusing Life

I thought I had housing but I guess I don't.

This week was supposed to be good. It was headed in a the right direction until I got told by a girl named Anna that I wasn't going to be buying a contract.
Let me clarify:
On Monday I got a text from Anna asking me to room with her. The girl who was going to be her roommate is not coming back to BYU next year. I was going to buy this girls contract. It felt right to do this and I felt like it was the right thing to do. Anna wanted me to be her roommate and one of the girls who was in the household was excited for me to be in the house as well.

Anna texted me today saying that as a household they prayed about it and they didn't think that I was the right person to live with them.

What I don't get is why not think about it first and then ask so I don't get my hopes up and let me not worry about housing for a week if I don't need to? Also, why does it feel like I am supposed to be in that house when they don't feel that way.

Besides that...
I went to Persuasion with Brian, his sister, and his brother-in-law today. It was so amazing! I loved the play so much. Afterward we went to Yozone for frozen yogurt.I had a lot of fun with Brian and his sister and her husband. This was a good afternoon, the night just wasn't good. BYU also won so that was nice. After the game I got ready for the Wyview Park and Heritage Halls invitational. It was okay. I know other people who had a lot more fun than I did. I wasn't a fan though. It made me feel uncomfortable and it put me through distress.

Mar 6, 2011

Church at 2?

Have I mentioned how much I dislike having church at 2? Well, I do. It isn't fun because I get tempted to sleep in extremely late and then I feel like my whole day is wasted. When I get back from church it is 5 in the evening. I have three hours to cook eat wash dishes and chill before ward prayer/stare at 8. I feel like the whole day is just church (not that thats a bad thing at all) and I don't feel productive. I don't like having time after church. Having time before church is just torture when it is fast sunday, like today. GR!

Mar 3, 2011

Wonder How To Date.

I love life right now.

Things are going really well right now for me. I am loving school, I am not worrying about changing my major at the moment (even though I am still super confused), and I am so very twitterpated (however that is spelled). :D aaahh! I love this! I haven't felt this way for months! I can't remember feeling this crazy about Spencer. Now don't worry, I am not going to fall for him to fast.

Anyways let me tell you of the second date we went on. Well, first off I went to the Fireside that my old dance studio puts on every year with him. He really liked it. I wanted to bring someone who would appreciate it. Well he did. :)

On Monday I was with Blaine Jensen and we were doing a skype conversation with Trace Marriott. Trace left on his mission on Wednesday. Well, in our conversation I got a phone call from Brian... the kid I took to the Fireside. He asked me to go to Chanticleer and I accepted. I loved it so much! During the date we talked about our families and about what other stuff we liked to do other than dancing and singing and what not (he is a second tenor in Men's Choir). Books came up and I told him that I loved the book The Scarlet Pimpernel. He goes on to tell me that he loves that movie. It came time to admit that I had never seen it. Brian was taken back at that. He replied with, "You have never seen the movie?! My sister has it and I guess we will just have to borrow it so you can see how amazing it is!"

Prospective third date? I hope so. haha