Aug 21, 2014

2 Wonderful Months

Happy 2 months to my little darling Kathrynne! I can't believe she entered this world eight weeks ago. She is growing and changing so much. When you look at the pictures from when she was born and compare them to now, it almost seems like it is two different people. I guess in a way she is. She is so different than when she was born, that it really is like she has evolved into this completely different person.

Here are a few thing that Kathrynne likes along with her statistics.

-Sleeping in her crib more than her swing. Hurray! I think this is because we put books under the legs of one side to lift it up slightly. As soon as we did this she started to sleep much better during nap times taken in the crib as well as sleeping for extended periods of time at night.

-Smiling at momma during diaper changes. It's the absolute cutest thing. She smiles the most when I change her first thing in the morning. She is smiling more everyday, but this is the time she consistently smiles at me.
-The monkey ears that are on the strap covers for her car seat. She will often take the ears over a pacifier. Adorable.

-Her animal mobile. She has been able to really follow the animals around the past few days as she is going through some brain development. She also can follow you as you walk around.

-Tummy time... Okay, she doesn't like it much at all, but she is getting so much better at it and can hold her head up much better.

-Eats 4-5oz every three to four hours on average. We have to supplement her with formula because I am not producing enough milk to exclusively breastfeed. We recently made the switch from Emfimil to Similac Sensitive (which smells horrid!!). She gets bubbles and gas and cannot get them out and this seems to help, for some reason, more than the gas relief medicine we have.

-Wears size 1 diapers (as of today). We don't mind the target brand (Up and Up) but I think we will stick with Huggies, regardless the cost. Kathrynne's bum doesn't get as red with Huggies brand and that is what matters.
-Weighs 10lb 3oz (in the 46%)

-Stands at 22 1/4in (in the 26%)

We love Kathrynne so much and are so proud of the growth she has been making, both in size and in brain development. I love that you can't spoil babies until they are about a year because I love cuddling with my little K bug.

First selfie!! haha How sad is that? The upcoming generation and their selfies.... She will not be one of them. However, isn't she just adorable? This was on Saturday, August 16th. 

This is her today, August 21st! What a doll huh? I am not a fan of the bow, but I wanted to see how big it was on her head right now and I had to take a picture of how huge it was. 

Aug 3, 2014

Church Callings

Chad and I are in the family ward finally. We got released from serving in the Provo YSA 200th ward two days before Kathrynne came. We both knew that we would want to serve in callings as soon as possible.

Well that came true. Chad was sustained as the Elder's Quorum secretary last week and I was sustained as an Activity Days leader today. Chad's calling in the bishopric is a huge asset to this calling because he knows the systems that the church uses and knows what kind of things can be obtained (like class rolls for example). My calling will be awesome for me. It will be nice to get to know the young girls of the ward. This will be a great calling for me to learn. It will be a good gateway to helping out in Young Women's if I ever get called to serve.

We are both excited for this opportunity to serve.