Jun 16, 2013

Wedding Pictures Part 4

Reception time. Let's party!
Copyright Amanda Castleberry Photography

Baby Nixon! That would be Ally's baby boy.

Rachel (my  new cousin) and our friend Maggie! Maggie is from the same home ward as Chad but is out at BYU for school. We met in the dressing room fall semester. It was quite funny how we pieced it together.

Jaymie and my nephew Sam. 

Sure looks like Geoff had his hands full with this rambunctious Austin.

You can see it formulating in his eyes. 

Told you. He totally smashed it in my face.

Don't worry though, I got him back.


I am definitely his daughter. Can you tell?

Our first dance. You and I by Michael Buble.

Same five girls. Different Summer. Different wedding. We got a picture at our friend Sirie's wedding last summer. None of us were even engaged at that point and now three of us are married. I think Ally is next since her missionary just got home. ;) But I could be wrong. 

This is Maci (I think I may have spelled it wrong....). She is a doll. I grew up being friends with her older sisters. This little one is a sweetheart. I can't wait for the day that I get to attend her reception to see her all grown up and married in the temple.

Okay these two make me laugh. I love Whitney and Danny.

Folk Dance!

Ammon. What a stud.

I wasn't sure if I was going to clear the string of lights that were practically right above my head. But I did.

Note Sarah in the back. Ready for the kill.


Chad says I have a nice butt in this picture. Well thank you honey. I pride myself in a well shaped butt now. 

And were off to Heber City!
All in all we had such a wonderful wedding. Our sealing was so very special. I love everyone so much, but I love Chad, my very best friend, the most. 

Thank you for asking me to marry you those (almost) six months ago.