Nov 22, 2008

Time to say something

Wow... its been a long time. Well there isn't really much to say because my life isn't very happy right now. I swear, do I ever go more than three months with out getting hurt of some sort? I just recently broke my toe. No joke either.

I just am living my life day by day and it's not very exciting. The only really exciting thing I have to say is that I am in currently in the play Little Women. I play Amy, the brat... yeah don't go there. We started blocking the other day and I have all my music memorized. I love it and the cool thing about this is that it is during school. It's for one of my classes that I am in. There is the occasional after school rehursal and what not but that's okay.

My 17th birthday is on Monday and I don't really know what I want. I guess I just want a perfectly healthy body. I don't want to get hurt anymore. I want my life to be my religion, and dance pretty much. I made a decision that no matter what the circumstance is, I am going to dance my whole life. I don't care if I get cancer and they say that I will die I keep dancing, that still wouldn't stop me.

So this post is really random. Here is a picture of my recent hair cut. I like it a lot. It's only been a week and it has already grown.