Aug 11, 2008

Excited Moments

School starts in just a couple of days and I am so disgustingly excited!! I am performing in an assembly the first day of school.
I have an interview at my old next door neighbors resturaunt 3 strikes cafe. I am working the fair for her on the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth at seven bucks an hour!! Yeah, and I am working quite a few hours each day!! I am so freacking excited!

Aug 2, 2008


I swear that I am the most accident prone person in the whole entire world!!! Either I jammed my foot or I broke two toes. I am not sure. I can walk but it is kind of hard to do so.
Here is what happened:
I am thinking to myself the other day, hmmm.... well school is starting soon, about three weeks actually, and so is dance. I need to start some choreography so I can have amazing dances to show Nesha and then they can be taught and then performed. Sounds good...
I start to find a song and I think I know what song I will be doing (but it is so not 100% official). I find the song and I start to dance and then I hear a really good part in the music for a tilt leap. I rewound the song to a spot just before it. I think to myself again, coming from that turn I put right before it, the tilt leap would have to be right. **MIND YOU!!! I NEVER TO THEM ON THE RIGHT!!! I HURT MYSELF OCCASIONALLY WHEN DOING THEM! Example... I didn't land right once and hit my knee on the ground, this was in dance of course when I was still just learning them, but still! Example over... ** I go for the tilt leap and I land it, on my foot. My ankle seemed kind of unstable though and my left foot started to roll. AAAHHHH!! I caught the detail and snapped my foot back only to hear a pop or snap of some sort. I wasn't sure if the sound came from my knee, hip or foot because they frequently do that sort of thing... all three of them. Next thing I know I am in a ton of pain and fall to the ground. I crawl over to the couch and take off my sock. I know what I need to do because I have hurt myself countless times before (I am accident prone remember :) ). I moved my butt over and up the stairs then hopped on one foot to the medicine cabinet so I could take some Ibuprofen. I have gotten quite good at hopping on one foot due to countless sprained and twisted ankles... mainly on my left now that I think of it...
WHY? I honestly don't get it!! Why is it that right before dance and school starts I ALWAYS have to get injured! I just don't get it.
Now you tell me, accident prone or what?