Dec 27, 2010

Extra Extra I got to pay for it!

Being a dancer definitely has its pros and cons.

I just bought my books for Winter Semester. I had two packets, one pallet text book, and a reading book. I don't know what I need for my other religion class (Book of Mormon and LDS Marriage and Family) but so far that is all I had to buy. My total was less than $100! This is crazy! Everyone will be very jealous that my books don't cost that much... little do they know however is that I have to actually pay for much more. I have a lot of clothes and shoes that I have to pay for. I need to get new tap shoes for example. They cost at least $65.

Clothes are worth it though. I love having them because I go through them incredibly fast. Books. Love me some cheap ones.

Dec 22, 2010

To love the break, or not. That is the question.

Semester Break.

I do not like you very much. I honestly don't know how to respond to all of the snow and the power outages we have had with in the past two days! It is quite frustrating.

I do not like that I can't see my grades yet. Snow College and UVU have already gotten theirs but I don't get mine until the 29th or so. I hope I did okay. I am mostly just worried about my History 220 class. That class was only based on three essay tests. I didn't do very hot on the second one.... or the first for that matter. I just hope I did a lot better on the final to bring up my grade. I hate it because I am so not a writer. I write how I speak for the most part and that is a down fall to me.

I do not like getting up early on a break. Unfortunately, I have a lot of family that helps me get up by just being up... The couch is very comfortable however so I don't mind all that much.

No class!

Yeah... that is pretty much it.

Dec 19, 2010


The friends that I posted about before have not changed a whole lot. There is one however that I am very disappointed with....
Nichole (name change as an obvious sign), I want to shake her and just say, "WAKE UP! You know better than this! You were raised correctly, not like this. Get back to church on a weekly basis! Stop letting your boyfriend go into your room and stop going into his! It isn't right. You know that. Where is the girl I knew during the summer? Because you aren't that girl anymore. You can do better than him and he can do better than you." I am so happy that I have the honor code at BYU because it helps me to continue living how I have been taught. I am happy to know however that I don't need it. My parents have taught me well and they have helped me get the desire to live righteously. I don't know if I should even continue being this girls friend because she has dumped me for this guy... whatever happened to sisters before misters??

Dec 17, 2010

What's in your wallet??

I have many a bags. Which bag do you want to know about?
  • An assorted count of pens and pencils
  • My hymnal but I am not sure why exactly
  • Velvet Tuberose lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wallet
  • My pink (fruity and bright) perfume! Love it!
  • Tylenol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Deodorant
  • Mints
  • Tissues
  • Lipstick
  • Lip balm
  • Eye drops (one for contacts and one for just my eyes)
  • Keys usually (if not in my pocket)
  • Phone usually (if not in my pocket)
  • and.... A rubber ducky!
Dance bag:
Well I don't have a dance bag right now. I need a duffel bag really bad. But I will tell you as soon as I get get one. :)

Dec 11, 2010

You're Craving What?

I crave music. I crave Cafe Rio. I crave my happy moments that I have recently lost.
I have been craving water all day. I also have been craving soda lately, which makes me really mad. I hadn't had any since I moved in until Thanksgiving. I was so proud of myself. I don't have money to buy it so I don't buy it then I don't crave it. I have been craving it so much lately and I hate it.
I don't get many cravings very often. Wonder what I will crave when I am married and get pregnant. haha What do you think?

Dec 9, 2010


What makes me special? Well, now that is a good question.....
I don't know and right now I don't want to think about why I am special. I am too down in the dumps..... GR...