Feb 20, 2015


We have been a bunch of sickies this week. I have a nasty cold that I am afraid is turning into a sinus infection. Kathrynne has Croup and I think she is getting a top tooth. She won't let us look for sure so I have to take small peeks when she is crying.Last night was the worst night for us. Kathrynne has not been sleeping well and I am waking up feeling like I hit a wall x10.

Despite the sickness around here, we had to drop Kathrynne's crib down. She has decided to figure out how to pull herself up on things. She can still do it in her crib but she can't climb so we are not as worried. She pulls herself up to standing in her crib and along couch. She also can do it on our TV stand and her little dresser. Those scare me a bit more but she has to learn somehow. The best thing I can do is watch her and encourage safety as she develops.

Last night I got to know a girl who is in my ward but I had never really met before. She has a little girl who is only one week older than Kathrynne. We are so the same it's ridiculous. We clicked so quickly and have decided to get together sometime soon during the day. I'm excited. I really like her and I think that we will have fun together.

I have a lot to do today so I am going to say bye for now.

Have a wonderful day!!

Feb 6, 2015

Our start into 2015

A lot has happened in the past month and a half since I last wrote. After our car got totaled at the beginning of December we were finally able to get a new one. Same car but a year newer and with about 6,000 more miles. We are happy to have a car again but I often find myself missing our old car. It had been through a lot with us. However, our current car has just as many awesome memories in it to come.

Soon after we got our new car it got backed into. Yeah... We didn't have a car for about 5 days altogether so it could get fixed. It was all cosmetic but it was just annoying. Well, on one of those days I had an incident. I broke my fourth toe on my left foot. Of all the crazy things I have put my feet/toes through I never thought a door would be my toe's demise. Yes, I our bathroom door trying to grab something on the vanity counter. I just swung my left foot out too wide while going in I guess.

I have two more weeks exactly until my walking shoe comes off. I will have it on for a total of 6 weeks. Unfortunately it cannot come off before then because it was an actual break, not just a stress fracture. I keep feeling like it is supposed to come off today because I am just used to a month with the past stress fractures I have had but oh well. At least it is healing well and is straight (getting it set was the worst part all because of the shot in my toe... it was not pretty).

Kathrynne is now 7 1/2 months old. She is growing so fast! She likes to feed herself in forms of finger food as well as trying to steal the spoon away from me while feeding her baby food, yogurt, etc. She rolls over all over the house but prefers to do her version of crawling more. She does a mixture between a real crawl on her hands and knees and army crawling. It is quite fun to watch her zoom across the floor.

When Chad and I were first married we received a love seat from my brother and sister in-law. They were moving and generously gave it to us. It was our first piece of furniture. We used it for a year and put it in Kathrynne's room right before she was born. We got a full couch and matching love seat that now resides in our living room.

Back in December we were talking with a friend of Chad's that is getting married at the beginning of March. He and I had talked of what to do with the love seat from my brother because it was not being used as it should and was taking up too much space in Kathrynne's room. We decided to gift it to Chad's friend and her fiancé. We felt really good about doing so because we had been in the same spot before and it was still in amazing condition. They came and got it last weekend and we were able to put up a small shelving unit from Ikea (one of those that has the squares and you can put totes in them). We put her toys in it and she loves being able to play in her room. I feel a lot better with her playing in her room as well.

Besides the shelving unit we got some other things that have made life so much easier. We got a bookcase and standing lamp from Ikea and a high chair for Kathrynne off of Amazon. We now have more light, more space to put books, and feeding Kathrynne is leaps and bounds easier. I am not worried that she will pop herself out of the bumbo anymore. :)

The weather has been so amazing!! I thought we were going to have a long, cold, and wet winter but to my surprise it has been so different. There has not been another good snow fall since Christmas and quite frankly that has been the only real snow we have had. It was a lot all at once but it is all gone now. The tulips have popped out of the ground and you can see them rapidly growing . It makes me really happy. It is weird though. I am not used to this. I am used to a lot of cold and a lot snow. Kathrynne and I went on a walks three times this week and each time I was sweating. (Of course that is a mixture of the weather and my body still trying to get back in shape.) It feels like it is May when it is 64 degrees outside on February 6th! I love Spring, so I am not really complaining.

"What is this that I feel? Grass? Hmmmmm. I'm curious."

In other news, we are going swimming tonight. We have not been in a pool since last February for my nieces birthday party. This will be Kathrynne's first time and we are SO excited! I will take videos and pictures to share.

To leave you with a quote, I would like to share one that my oldest sister Chelsey posted on her Instagram that I loved! It is about mother and captures my feelings exactly. I am not sure who it is from but it is great nonetheless. Have a great day and thanks for reading this scattered post!

"There is no perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children. What matters is that a mother loves her children."