Feb 20, 2015


We have been a bunch of sickies this week. I have a nasty cold that I am afraid is turning into a sinus infection. Kathrynne has Croup and I think she is getting a top tooth. She won't let us look for sure so I have to take small peeks when she is crying.Last night was the worst night for us. Kathrynne has not been sleeping well and I am waking up feeling like I hit a wall x10.

Despite the sickness around here, we had to drop Kathrynne's crib down. She has decided to figure out how to pull herself up on things. She can still do it in her crib but she can't climb so we are not as worried. She pulls herself up to standing in her crib and along couch. She also can do it on our TV stand and her little dresser. Those scare me a bit more but she has to learn somehow. The best thing I can do is watch her and encourage safety as she develops.

Last night I got to know a girl who is in my ward but I had never really met before. She has a little girl who is only one week older than Kathrynne. We are so the same it's ridiculous. We clicked so quickly and have decided to get together sometime soon during the day. I'm excited. I really like her and I think that we will have fun together.

I have a lot to do today so I am going to say bye for now.

Have a wonderful day!!

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The Duke said...

Get better quickly! I didn't realize that you had the junk, too.