Dec 18, 2011

It is Christmas time?

Finals are over and now it is Christmas time.

{Taken by Christina Clark 12.18.11}
It just doesn't feel like Christmas time yet. It hasn't really snowed. There isn't snow in Provo so to me it hasn't snowed because that is where I live. Even though I am home for the break and there is some snow on the ground here, it hasn't snowed yet. I just want it to dump. A complete dump of white and wintry goodness called snow. We did get a nice blanket of frost all over though. Mom got some beautiful pictures of them today. She put them on Facebook and I stole them from her to show you here.

It hasn't really registered that I don't have class at seven in the morning this week. Yes, I still have work but what? I don't have class in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow? I am happy that this semester is over.

{Taken by Christina Clark 12.18.11}
A part of me has realized that the semester is over. What part you may ask? My health. I am making a doctors appointment tomorrow to see what is wrong with me. My cough, that ever annoying cough that is dry, has become more of a nuisance than ever before. I now have a pain along my fifth false rib on the left side. Whenever I cough the pain comes back and then lingers for a little while. I have been through a lot of pain in my life but I would have to say that this is topping the charts in pain. I am afraid that I have Pneumonia or something horrid like it. Is it bad timing? Yes it is. It could have come during finals week instead of when I am home with nothing to do other than work. It just means that I probably can't go to work for a few days. :( I like work. I have fun there and I get paid. I am happy there so I am sad that if I do have something bad, like said Pneumonia, that I wouldn't be able to go in.

I finished most of my Christmas shopping Yesterday and I have to say, I am great at getting presents for other people. I have three more people that I need to get something for. The three hardest people are left so this may get interesting. I have Jess and his family this year for Christmas and I think they will love their present. It is quite a stroke of genius on my part. ;)

{Blanket made by Celeste Goodrich}
Gillian, I needed to show you this picture. Do you like this blanket? It is a baby blanket that Celeste made. She doesn't have anyone to give it to an said that if you liked it you could have it. I like it. If I were pregnant and due soon, I would take it but I am not. So let me know {It isn't the best picture FYI}.

To finish off this post, I would just like to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents, James and Christina. If I remember correctly, this marks the 42nd year that they have been married {Their actual anniversary is tomorrow, not today}. I love you both so much! Thank you for all of the things that you have done, do, and will continue to help me with. I wish I had a more current picture, but I don't.

{Taken by Michelle Clark 6.13.10}

Dec 10, 2011

Last Lesson I teach for the Ward!

Okay, so this is really random post probably but I needed some way to get my thoughts and notes for my lesson down. This is a very organized lesson plan. A really long lesson. Sorry if you get bored or don't understand. haha This is just so I have these notes and don't loose them for my lesson at 9:30 in the morning. :) Bah! This is my last lesson for this ward so I want to really make it count.

Chapter 18 - The Mission of the Twelve
The Twelve Called to Britain:
  • First Call of the Church: Heber C. Kinball and Orson Hyde to England in 1837
  • John Taylor, John E. Page, Wilford Woodruff, Willard Richards called to the Twelve and given charge "to go over the great waters, and there promulgate my gospel, the fulness thereof, and bear record of my name" (D&C 118:4) Were to leave April 26, 1839
  • April 26, 1839 came around - temple corner stones were placed instead of them leaving. The prophecy was fulfilled.
  • The men left on July 22, 1839 - after the malaria epidemic.
The Missionaries Depart
  • Wilford Woodruff was still sick with Malaria when he departed.
  • "Brother Joseph, the Prophet of God, came a long and looked at me. 'Well, Brother Woodruff,' said he, 'you have started upon your mission.' 'Yes,' said I, 'but I feel and look more like a subject for the dissecting room than a missionary.' Joseph replied: 'What did you say that for? Get up, and go along; all will be right with you'" 
  • Brigham Young and  Heber C. Kimball left on September 18, 1839. So ill they had to be helped into the wagon. All of the Kimball household were bedridden except four-year old Heber Parley, who could just manage to carry water to the sick.  (Read what he said in response) (Video - Starting at 3:34)
  • Ten year anniversary of the Church's organization - The other members of the Twelve (excluding Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, and Theodore Turley) reached the shores of England.
Impact of the Twelve's Mission to Britain
  • Phenomenal growth during 1840-
    • By April 1841, membership grew more than 4,300 since their first conference one year earlier. It had also grown nearly 2,200 since the October conference. Membership went from 1,115 to 5,864 in a year.
  • Emigration of British Saints to America began
    • Didn't need any urging to emigrate
    • 1,000 saints emigrated early in 1841
  • Important time of training and maturing for the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
  • Four future presidents of the Church - Presidents Young, Taylor, Woodruff, and Snow - worked together in the British Mission.
Missionaries to the Pacific
  • The missionaries returned from Britain and were called to direct the missionary work of the Church world wide.
  • Four men called to take the gospel to the islands of the Pacific Ocean
    • Addison Pratt and Benjamin Grouard (had both been sailors in the Pacific) joined with Noah Rogers and Knowlton Hanks (Hanks died from TB on the voyage)
    • Addison Pratt stayed in Tubuai as a permanent minister, and work was expanding rapidly.
  • Grouard and Rogers went to Tahiti and other islands where work was much slower than Tubuai
  • Rogers sailed back to America and returned to Nauvoo after vague reports of violence towards the Church in Illinois. (feared for the safety of his family)
  • Grouard found success on the atoll of Anaa. Learned Tahitian and adapted to the culture of the island. 
Read last paragraph as summary for chapter. 

Chapter 19 - Life in Nauvoo the Beautiful
The Lord's Call to Build a City
  • Have someone read the chapter details of D&C 124 - What they were told to do to build the city Nauvoo the Beautiful
Building the City Beautiful
  • Evolution of the homes in Nauvoo:
    • Huts, tents, a few abandoned buildings to frontier log cabins, to frame homes, to substantial brick homes
  • Construction became Nauvoo's principal industries and employed hundreds of craftsmen.
  • Several brickyards.
  • Encouraged to plant and cultivate fruit and shade trees, vines, and brushes on their large lots.
  • The temple captured the most enthusiasm
    • five year construction (from cornerstones being laid to dedication)
  • April 6th - corner stones were laid down
  • One day in ten as tithing labor.
Economic Growth in Nauvoo
  • Agriculture was the main economic enterprise in Nauvoo and surrounding LDS communities.
  • Eager immigrants quickly helped Nauvoo to become a bustling and productive community.
    • Stark contrast to the economicly depressed Illinois
  • Small shops and factories:
    • Sawmills, brickyards, lime kiln, tool factory, printing offices, flour mills, bakeries, tailor shops, blacksmiths, shoe shops, carpenters and joiners shop, cabinetmakers shops.
    • Craftsmen produced matches, leather goods, rope and cord, gloves, bonnets, pottery, jewelry, and watches.
  • Banded together to set prices.
Education and Society in Nauvoo
  • School only cost $1.50 to $3.00 per term.... if only right?
  • University of the City of Nauvoo
    • Parley P. Prat: English, Mathematics and Sciences
    • Orson Pratt: English Literature and Mathematics.
      • Most popular professor. Offered courses in Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, surveying, navigation, analytical geometry, calculus, philosophy, astronomy, and chemistry.
    • Orson Spencer: Foreign Languages
    • Sidney Rigdon: Church History
    • Gustavus Hills: Music
    • University was at the initial stages of development when Saints were forced from Illinois
    • important precedent was set for teh involvement of the Church in higher education in the future. (BYU, U of U)
  • Museum
  • Times and Seasons was official paper of the Church and supervised by the Prophet.
  • Nauvoo Neighbor was prior known as the Wasp - nonreligious newspaper.
  • Theater, lectures, balls, or dancing schools, sang in one of three choirs, performed in one of three brass bands, bowled, played ball, pulled sticks, wrestled, and watched prairie fires. (last one... sound like fun to you? Bonfire much?) Wood cutting, quilting bees, cooperative barn and house building, fishing, picking wild berries, braiding, and weaving were practical as well as recreational pastimes that were also all popular.
  • Joseph Smith enjoyed pull sticks and wrestling and was widely hailed as the best at both. 
  • Death and disease were not absent however. Usually would hit a family more than once.
Church Organization Expands
  • Three stakes:
    • Nauvoo, Iowa (Zarahemla), and Ramus (Illinois)
  • Three wards in Nauvoo became 10 with three on the outskirts by August of 1842
  • The Twelve had acted like a traveling High Council but in August 1841 Joseph Smith declared that they were to remain home and the "the time had come when the Twelve should be called upon to stand in their place next to the First Presidency."
    • They were to become trained and had recieved the keys of the kingdom, so that they were fully able to take over the leadership of the Church.
  • The Relief Society is formed in 1842
    • Read through the notes I have in journal from when Susan Easton Black came to talk to the Relief Society last year.
    • Brief history of Relief Society ^
    • Read 1st full paragraph on page 249, and then 1 bullet points in journal
Read last paragraph as summary for chapter. 

What happened on the 6th of April?
Org. of the church
Christs birth
most april conferences
the 12 apostles reached the shores of UK
Cornerstones laid for Nauvoo temple
In the spirit of Christmas I leave you my testimony that Christ lives. He died for our sins so that we may live with God the Father again, if we live righteously. I know that if we do we become more like Him. I know that times are tough, with finals this week.... Challenge to take extra effort to remember Christ.

Dec 6, 2011

On the long stretch

I am on the last two days of classes for my second fall semester at BYU and I am so happy that it is almost over! This has been a hard semester. I haven't been super happy or satisfied this semester. There probably are a lot of reasons for that too.
I broke up with Gabe because it felt right and I have never been happier. He is a very somber person, I am not. I am extremely up beat, or try to be at least. I have found out that with every guy I date a little part of me changes. My favorite part of myself was changed while dating Gabe. It wasn't that I wasn't happy, because I was very happy. I just became a little more somber. I didn't laugh as much and I kept finding myself unhappy more frequently than I have ever been. It was weird. I didn't break up with him because of something really significant or anything. I was going to wait until after tonight. I thought that maybe all we needed was a date, a real date. Just Gabe and I in a situation different than we had had in a while. Away from other friends and not alone at one of our apartments just studying or talking or watching a movie. Something very different. On Sunday however, I had this on my mind all day. If I hadn't said anything about how he had been kind of distant the past few days and asked him what he had been thinking of that was keeping him away from being totally there, we would still be dating. It was a mutual thing. We both knew that we needed to date other people. I couldn't stay in that position with him waiting for Elise. It wasn't fair to me. I didn't want to hope for anything that wasn't going to happen. I was more invested in our relationship than he was. It wasn't a bad thing and it wasn't a big difference or anything. It felt right. That is the only thing that mattered. We just were not meant to date.
In any case, school has finally ended for the semester!! YES! Two finals completed, three to go. Here I go on the long stretch to the end of the whole semester and this year. Wish me luck.