Mar 21, 2008

As if I wasn't nervous enough...

We recently had choir tryouts for Salem Hills High School. The two more advanced choirs are called Concert Choir and Singers. Concert Choir is the big choir with boys and girls. I made it as a first soprano. I also got a call back for Singers. That choir is only twelve boys and twelve girls. I got a call back for first soprano also.

Tour is coming up. We leave on the ninth of April (only fourteen days!!!). I got registered for an award that is only given to girls, it is called 'Best Female Vocalist'. I am already nervous and that doesn't really help but I really just don't think that I will get it since I am only sixteen and a Sophomore.
Here is my tour schedule:
Flight departs at 11:30 AM
Arrive at Kansas City, MO
Next Day... Leave to tour historic sites
Arrive at Branson Towers Hotel
Load buses for opening show -Six
Next Day... Competitions!!!
Preliminaries at Tri Lakes Center Theater
Go to a show called "#1 Hits of the 60's" Jim Stafford Theater
Semi-finalists Posted
Next Day... FINALS!!!
Finalists announced
Awards Ceremony
Showboat Branson Bell Dinner Theater
Next Day...
Fireside we are putting on
Next Day...
Come Home

So yeah I am busy busy busy!!! Wish us luck!!!