Oct 28, 2014

4 Months

Kathrynne is now 4 months. I cannot believe it. I love that she was born on the 24th of the month because we share a special day of the month. She was 1 month old on Pioneer Day (July 24th), will be 5 months on my birthday, and exactly 6 months on Christmas Eve. That is pretty great. 

Now on to the update of the cute babe.

At four moths she is wearing size 2 diapers. Even though she could technically be wearing size 1 still we haven't had as many issues with leaking poop. We ran out of size 1 and had size 2 on hand. We decided to use them until we could get some size 1 diapers but we liked the fit of the size 2 and she didn't mind them. So we just went with it. 

At her wellness check she was 13 lbs 3oz (13.2 lbs) and 23 1/2 inches long. That was on the 17th. Both her and I became sick with in a few days of that appointment so we went in on the 23rd. She had lost those 3 ounces and was a flat 13 lbs. She had a horrible week because she was not eating or sleeping. I thought she was possibly teething but she definitely was not. 

We got her on some medicine for acid reflux and it is like night and day for her. She seems like she is doing much better. She is still spitting up and throwing up as much but she doesn't seem in as much pain.

Kathrynne is a strong bugger. With a bit of help she can go from sitting to standing all on her own. She pushes herself up to a standing position. She is currently kicking her little kick n' play toy. She will stop and try to roll over from her back to her stomach. She has been trying so hard lately. There was one morning last week where she rolled over from her belly to her back! I was soooo excited! She hasn't done it since. She is getting closer to going from back to belly than she is the other way around. I think that one roll was a fluke. However, I have a feeling that when she does roll over she will be crawling in no time. 

Kathrynne has been starting to sleep without being swaddled. This is huge for us. We just have to help her fall asleep by doing cuddle time with her. I am more than okay with that. 

She is an absolute doll. We went to Grand Junction on Saturday. It was a good thing we did. It gave us an opportunity to see what Kathrynne would be like during that long drive. We will be making it for Thanksgiving and we both feel so comfortable doing it. I will be sitting in the back with her to give her company and play with her when she is awake. From what we saw though, she will be sleeping through most of the drive though. She was a peach during the trip. She only had a few hard moments. It was good for us to all get away and you can tell that she is happier after seeing Evie... Oh that dog. We sure do love that dog. Evie and Kathrynne love each other. It is absolutely adorable.

Despite the moments when it is hard, Kathrynne is a happy, smily, calm baby. We love having her around and would never think about not having her in our lives. 

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The Duke said...

I'm so glad she is feeling better and not being so fussy. I loved the way she was playing with the little toy during the concert. She seemed to really like it as she stuffed it in her mouth. She was really good that whole night.